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Stiki – Information Security offers expertise in information security and quality management consulting with services ranging from information security risk management to development of secure telecommunications networks. Serving multiple industry sectors, our services include information security, risk management, quality management, network design, IT audit services, and intrusion testing.

With over 20 years of experience in information security, network design and quality management, our team of experts is here to help you and your organizations meet your risk management, quality management and compliance needs. We will position your organization to meet the ever changing needs of your unique market and complex security demands.


"It is very important to protect sensitive personal information to guard the rights of individuals and it is also very important that information is handled correctly and processed carefully and accurately."

Hafdis Gudmundsdottir, office manager of Prison and probation administration, Iceland.

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RM Studio 5.0 Mustang Available Now

Today RM Studio team has released the newest version of our efficient and effective risk management software, v5.0 Mustang.RM Studio 5.0 Mustang Yes, we chose the name because of the obvious connection to the popular muscle car brand, but also because the name is synonymous with words like fast, powerful, and respected. After all Ford did celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang last year, which represents a long standing respect and customer loyalty for a single brand. In today's fast-paced evolving world, brand loyalty is often hard to gain and even harder to maintain over long periods of time.

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Guðjón Viðar hired at Stiki


Mynd - Guðjón Viðar

Stiki has hired Guðjón Viðar Valdimarsson sem vörustjóra RM Studio og ráðgjafa. Guðjón hefur víðtæka reynslu og sérþekkingu á sviði endurskoðunar, fjármálastjórnar og verkefnistjórnunar hjá hinum opinbera og einkageiranum. Guðjón hefur starfað við innri endurskoðun og tölvuendurskoðun hjá PwC, Ernst & Young og erlendis hjá Kuwait Petroleum International.

„Við hjá Stika fögnum að fá Guðjón til liðs við okkar teymi. Hann hefur víðtæka þekkingu og reynslu sem mun efla ráðgjafarstarfsemi fyrirtækisins og efla þróun á RM Studio, hugbúnað til áhættu- og gæðastjórnunar sem nú er í notkun hjá hátt í 70 fyrirtækjum í 17 löndum," segir Erlendur Steinn Guðnason, framkvæmdastjóri Stika.

Guðjón hefur komið að tölvuendurskoðun og innri endurskoðun hjá fjölda fyrirtækja bæði hér og erlendis og hefur víðtæka þekkingu og reynslu á þessu sviði. Guðjón var áður sjálfstætt starfandi ráðgjafi á sviði innri endurskoðunar, tölvuendurskoðunar og ráðgjafi varðandi áhættugreiningu. Guðjón með M.Sc gráðu í fjármálum frá CBS, faggildur innri endurskoðandi (Certified Internal Auditor) með sérhæfingarpróf í innri endurskoðun banka og fjármálafyrirtækja (Certified Financial Services Auditor). Hann er einnig með sérhæfingarpróf í tölvuendurskoðun (Certified Information Systems Auditor) frá Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA.)

Undanfarin ár hefur Guðjón verið stundakennari í meistaranámi í reikningshaldi og endurskoðun við Háskóla Íslands en einnig verið virkur í félagsstarfi Félags um innri endurskoðun og er formaður alþjóðanefndar þess félags. Hann hefur einnig skrifað fjölda greina á sviði innri endurskoðunar/tölvuendurskoðunar og haldið fyrirlestra um það efni á vettvangi Félags um innri endurskoðun, Dokkunar og hjá fyrirtækjum og stofnunum.

RM Studio byggir á íslensku hugviti og hefur verið þróað hjá Stika síðan 2004. Frekari upplýsingar um RM Studio má finna á http://www.riskmanagementstudio.com.

Opportunities to promote employment in Europe

The annual European Business Summit was held in Brussels last week. There, the main leaders of the economy and the European Union, gathered to discuss the future. The subject of the meeting this time was to find ways to strengthen the European economy and create economic growth by exploring the many opportunities that are available. Svana Helen Björnsdóttir, chairman of the Federation of Icelandic industries, was involved in discussions regarding intellectual property with Philippe Lambrecht, CEO of SA in Belgium, Alexander von Gabain, president of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and Margot Fröhlinger, Director of the European Patent Organization.

Svana talked about the importance of patents and said that the total number of patents was one type of measure of the performance achieved by innovation. She noted that many claim that software patents should not be justified even though it is important for the software industry, as well as other industries, to safeguard investments in innovation. She also said that a strong software industry and information technology was required in order to advance and explore new opportunities in the European economy. “We all agree on creating new jobs and infuse new life into the economy where growth is too small. We need to act quickly, create new solutions and opportunities for young people as well as to ensure good working conditions for companies and provide them with predictability in the work environment.”

Svana said that information technology is changing very rapidly, but research and development would be the foundation for the success of companies within this industry.

“In order for European nations to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits that information technology can bring us, we must ensure that robust software industry can grow and thrive in Europe,” said Svana and stressed the necessity that innovation would be increased in information secvurity. Among those who took part in the European Business Summit were Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, and Herman Van Rompuy President of the European Council.

The European Business Summit was held for the eleventh time in Brussel and was attended by about two thousand managers. Organizers of the summit were as before the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium in Belgium and BUSINESSEUROPE.

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Deloitte partners with Risk Management Studio

Lárus Finnbogason, ERS Leader Deloitte, Dr. Rey LeClerc Sveinsson, Cyber Security, Privacy and Resiliency Leader at Deloitte and Erlendur Steinn Guðnason, CEO of Stiki

Deloitte ehf. and Stiki ehf. have signed a partner agreement establishing Deloitte as a distributing partner of Risk Management Studio (RM Studio) . The agreement enables Deloitte to sell RM Studio in Iceland and internationally through cooperation with other Deloitte member firms globally.

Deloitte ehf. will offer RM Studio as a tool for cyber security, privacy and resiliency consulting services, recognizing that a vital aspect of selling RM Studio is to provide compelling risk management consulting and content. Deloitte’s consulting practice and unique content will showcase RM Studio and all the associated services with cyber security, information privacy and protection, resiliency and preparedness, security and risk management, offering an extensive risk management experience for its clients. The distribution channel will cater to a wide audience of clients in an effort to build synergistic global risk management services. Deloitte ehf. will foster an existing risk management brand with RM Studio that potential clients will recognize as a leader in risk management.

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Stiki appoints Erlendur Steinn Guðnason Chief Executive Officer

erlendur2Stiki has appointed Erlendur Steinn Guðnason as Chief Executive Officer effective February 18, 2013. Svana Helen Björnsdóttir, former CEO, will continue to serve Stiki as Executive Chairman.

Erlendur Steinn Guðnason has an extensive management experience in the telecommunication and software industry and will lead Stiki’s strategy for further growth of Risk Management Studio in international markets.

“I believe Erlendur’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field makes him the right leader for Stiki at this time of enormous opportunity" says Svana Helen Björnsdóttir, Executive Chairman.

“Stiki has developed a unique offering with Risk Management Studio and I look forward to working with Stiki’s team and customers to further expand its success in the market” notes Erlendur Steinn Guðnason, CEO.

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