Professional consultancy in information security and cyber security

Information management systems that protect your company

Don't fall asleep at the wheel. Professional service delivers a professional outcome.
Stiki aims to:

Offer a complete information security solution in the future. Stiki has also set the target for its services to always fulfil the needs and expectations of clients, staff and partners for applicability and professionalism.

Show regard for clients' wishes and comments regarding focus areas in product development. Provide customers with excellent and professional services based on our staff's knowledge and integrity as well as mutual trust.

Offer businesses and institutions high-quality software solutions combining knowledge and consultancy into the software.

Articles and blogs from Stiki

We are consistently advising and learning with our clients through our consultancy practice. Our best practices and lessons learned are presented in concise, yet thorough articles and blogs. The information contained in the articles and blogs is freely available for you to use in your practice.